The Farmers


Flowers were not the start of our story, but they have built our future. Come journey with us and see where Tim and I began and how these sweet little expressions of joy fill our every day with special moments.

meet tim

Tim spent summer’s at his aunt and uncle’s dairy farm in western Minnesota and took every opportunity to drive the tractor. He graduated with a degree in Dairy Science at UW-Madison, but then transitioned to a career in telecommunications. The sweet smell of cut grass and crisp morning air tugged at those summer memories and the hunt for the farm began.

meet betsy

Betsy also took the meandering path to farm life, she lived in a cookie cutter subdivision and graduated with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. The elemental composition of everything we see and touch was so fascinating, but the realization of working in a lab changed her trajectory to move to Madison and become an Event Planner. Working the logistics of venues are oddly similar to processing through the scientific method. When the prospect of starting a fresh cut flower farm became a reality, the merger of Events and Chemistry blossomed into the path she knew she was destined to take.


You will see our two little helpers around the farm. Claudia Caye, or we like to call her CC, is our toddler, and Hope our 4 year old rescue pup hound mix. CC is our official flower smeller and approves of all flowers that are pretty and smell nice too! Hope wishes one day to run free and chase the deer, but the hound in her means her nose will lead the way.